Our workshop produces "tailor-made" assemblies for our customers. Taking advantage of a large stock, we can make assemblies under VERY SHORT TIME for pressure measurement (pressure gauge - pressure switch - transmitter) with membranes adapted to specific requirements (food or pharmaceutical fittings, flanges, flush membranes ...)

Instruments can also be fitted with electrical contacts.

We also offer temperature probes with mounting of converters as well as their programming.

In addition, we make assemblies based on customer requirements (control boxes, etc.).

Our large stock (pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure transmitters, hydraulic separation membranes, electrical contacts, thermometers, thermostats, temperature probes, thermowells, level probes, instrumentation fittings, displays, portable devices, etc.) will allow you to be delivered quickly.  

Special mountings

Personalized housing

Electrical contacts


For any shipment of devices for repair, please attach the following form to your package.