Calibration is performed in our lab or on the customer's site.

Calibration is individual or system (ie connected).

The documents produced comply with the requirements of the ISO9001 standard, with BELAC traceability or European equivalent.

Precision reference :

  • Measurement and generation of pressures from -1 to +1,500 bar with reference accuracy up to 0.008% of the measurement
  • Measurement and generation of temperature from -25 to + 425 ° C
  • Measurement of temperature from -200 à + 420 °C
  • Recording up to 40 temperature channels and analog signals for oven validations  or data acquisition

We can calibrate pressure gauges and transmitters from class 0.025, ie not only industrial process equipment but also industrial laboratory equipment. We can also calibrate thermometers and temperature transmitters up to 420 ° C.